Educational Youth Program

LFTC addresses the Education Pillar through its Educational Youth Program in philanthropy. LFTC volunteers deliver interactive educational workshops to students at local high schools in Montreal.

Program Objectives

The objectives of our Educational Youth Program are to:

  1. Educate youth on the meaning, importance, and accessibility of philanthropy,
  2. Engage students in hand-on-activities that encourage them to define a cause they feel connected to and think about how this cause may be related to their own past and current experiences, and
  3. Empower the students to develop their own meaningful initiatives in support of causes they feel passionate about.

Workshop Content

In their presentation, LFTC volunteers:

  • Define the meaning of philanthropy in the broadest sense, to include monetary and material fundraising, volunteering and education,
  • Articulate their journey in philanthropy, highlighting their initial steps, their connection to a particular cause, and an explanation of why they feel connected to that cause,
  • Engage the students in personal reflection followed by a group discussion, where the students are asked to choose a cause from a list of causes, that they feel connected to,
  • Provide general information on LFTC, including information on our mission, commitment, and programs,
  • Give examples of past community events, highlighting the ease with which LFTC volunteers plan events and the general accessibility of these events to the public, and
  • Engage the students in a hands-on activity, where they are encouraged to develop their very own community events using LFTC’s three-pronged approach.

LFTC’s three-pronged approach for planning Community Events:


Workshop Slides


Since the program’s creation in January 2016, the workshop has engaged over 500 students in the Greater Montreal Area, ranging from grades eight to eleven. LFTC’s interactive workshop fosters innovative forward thinking about philanthropy and volunteerism. School educators have commented on student interest in community initiatives following the presentation and students have reached out to LFTC for guidance and support.


National Volunteer Week

During the 2016 National Volunteer Week, his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, recognized LFTC’s Education Program and attended an interactive workshop delivered to Grade 10 students of Macdonald High School in St-Anne-de-Bellevue (news article here). The young philanthropists behind the organization were commended for their ongoing contribution to the local community.

25th Annual Molly Fripp Lecture

On November 17th, 2017, our founder, Liv Monton, was invited by Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School (ECS) as the speaker for the 25th Annual Molly Fripp Lecture. Liv shared her journey with the students and alumnae, spoke about the meaning of philanthropy, and encouraged the students to give back to their community in meaningful ways.


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