Our Philanthropy

Philanthropy is commonly referred to as the giving of money in order to promote the welfare of others. To us, it means so much more! We have learned that there are many ways to contribute to a cause, in addition to giving monetarily. As a team and community, we work together to develop creative and innovative ways to contribute to causes either monetarily, non-monetarily, through volunteering or education. By exploring these creative avenues, our goal is to make philanthropy available, accessible, and enjoyable for people of all ages and to promote philanthropic lifestyles.

Live for the Cause supports various types of causes. We are open to any and all projects and organizations that enhance the quality of life of our community. To name but a few, we support children's health and education, cancer awareness, community resources, the homeless, women's wellness, and youth empowerment. This gives participants the opportunity to become engaged in events in support of causes that are meaningful to them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, empower, and educate people of all ages on the important and rewarding aspects of becoming involved in philanthropy, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the Montreal community at large.

Our Commitment

We achieve this objective through education and events. We identify opportunities to educate children, youth and adults through presentations, social media, and fundraising fairs. We organize community events throughout the year and one annual gala supporting various local organizations. This provides people of all ages with the chance to give back to their community. We are committed to making all of our events fun, rewarding, and a great way to learn and discover philanthropy.