Over the past several years, I have had many opportunities to involve myself in philanthropy. I have been lucky enough to volunteer both locally and internationally and to fundraise for various organizations in Montreal. These experiences have allowed me to work and connect with outstanding individuals and have led to incredible self-discovery and personal growth. 

As a part of my 2013-2014 fundraising initiative called Hike for Hope, benefitting a pediatric developmental center in Montreal, I assembled an amazing group of women. Together we planned a very dynamic and successful gala in May 2014, which raised a total of $25,000. Upon completion of this initiative, we began brainstorming and dreaming up possibilities as a team. This led to the creation of the Live for the Cause Foundation.

Based on many long and stimulating conversations with family, friends, team members and mentors, I began to wonder how we could engage, empower and educate people of all ages on the important and rewarding aspects of becoming involved in philanthropy. I have seen that when people are given the opportunity, they are generally delighted to take part in activities that have a bigger purpose. I have also seen philanthropy change people’s lives, on both the giving and the receiving end. By planning several community events throughout the year and one annual gala, we showcase different ways of giving back, collaborating with various organizations at the grassroots level. All of our events are created to be fun and rewarding, and a great way to get started in philanthropy. The ultimate goal is to enhance the Montreal community at large by making local philanthropy available, accessible, and enjoyable to all.

Live for the Cause supports various types of organizations and is not limited to one specific cause. I believe that connecting with a cause is something very personal that is usually dictated by our past experiences. By supporting various different organizations every year, I believe that more people will have the opportunity to discover causes that they believe in and become as passionate about philanthropy as I am.

Olivia (Liv) Monton